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Battle Of The PS3 Legends: Snake vs Drake


The Legendary Hero, Solid/Old Snake, makes a special return to test out the new blood in town; Nathan Drake. While  Solid Snake has 3 ( PlayStation ) generations of experience behind him, Nathan Drake has youth ( and the ability to survive a train wreck! ) on his side. Which one of these heroes can come out on top?



Both have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal but Snake is the only one who can fit multiple firearm in his pocket. Drake ,on the other hand, can only carry two at a time. If it came down to  Snake’s Rail Gun vs Drake’s GAU 19, I think Drake’s luck would run out.                 


Drake has proven he can sneak up on a clueless enemy  with ease but can he sneak up on someone wearing  full camo? Snake’s camo doesn’t only allow him to blend into the surrounding environments but his  Stealth Camo makes him completely invisible to the naked eye. However, a keen ear can hear his approach.


Snake has the Solid Eye. Drake has..regular binoculars. Things aren’t looking too good for Drake.

Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:

Even before Solid Snake become ‘Old Snake’ hanging from the sides of objects and buildings was limited to his physical strength. Where Drake is concerned  hanging like there’s no tomorrow is no problem. Snake is admittedly no CQC master. Given a chance Drake could easily turn the tables on Snake in a hand-to-hand brawl. Drake versus Solid Snake or Old Snake is quicker and more agile. Over time he  could tire Snake out in a  long battle.


  Solid/Old Snake’s experience and camo would prove challenging for Drake but in the end Nathan Drake’s luck and youth would prove to be the deciding factor is this fight. It was close but Drake takes the cake.