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Tekken 6 Review

After 2 long years of waiting and watching as the rest of the world enjoyed Tekken 6 in Arcade form, PS3 and 360 owners can now enjoy one of the best console fighters of 2009.

Get ready for the next battle!


With a total number of 42 fighters, Tekken 6 has the largest cast ever in a fighting game. All your favorites return for the sixth installment of the series ( if  Forest, Kunimitsu or Orge are your favorites, then you’re out of luck) including 6 newcomers, Alisa,Bob,Lars,Leo,Miguel, and Zafina. All the new characters fit right in to the Tekken world, each having their own unique fighting style. At the moment my favorite of the new cast is Leo but it seems Namco went out of their way to hide this character’s gender. This is evident in Leo’s opening movie.


If your eyes have been exposed to playing Uncharted 2 for several weeks it’s going to take them a bit to adjust to the 2 year old graphics in Tekken 6. I’m not saying the graphics aren’t impressive in this game but compared to what’s available now for the PS3, they seem dated . That being said,  this is no doubt the best looking Tekkengame to date. The characters move more fluid than previous Tekken installments. Also new in Tekken 6 is the ability to use analog with the DPad.

Scenerio Mode

 The console version of Tekken 6  includes Scenerio Mode. Anyone familiar with Tekken will easily recognize this mode as a somewhat updated form of Tekken Force ( found in Tekken 4 and Tekken 3 ).  Opening with a flashback of the Mishima’s history in the Tekken series, Scenario Mode revolves around the current story in Tekken 6 and characters Lars and Alisa. Initially you’re only able to play as Lars but as you fight your way through the mode you’ll run across the rest of the Tekken cast, most in the form of bosses. Defeating them is the only way to unlock and play them in this mode. The best thing about Scenario Mode is alot of the items you use to customize your characters can be found here. Some customizable items will cost you  as much as 10 million gold so running your favorites characters through this mode is a fast way to earn gold and free items.Scenario Mode is also where you’ll find the Arena. Here is where you’ll unlock character’s opening and closing movies, unlike in previous Tekken installments where you unlocked both in Arcade Mode. Scenario Mode also features custom soundtracks and special items for HOME. 


The Online aspect of the game depends on who you ask.  I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy numerous rounds of lag free play while others haven’t been as lucky.  Whenever you do get online you’ll notice the Lobby has a fresh new look to it. Unlike in Tekken 5 DR for the PS3, your characters rank up individually in the Online mode. My Dragunov is currently a 1st Dan while Leo is still a Kyu. You get the feeling Namco didn’t want players stressing out about ranking up this time around. In the No Rank Online  Mode you can fight against whoever you want without worrying about ranking up or down.


On the down side, there have been a lot of complaints about the input lag found in the Online versus mode. I’ve only experienced ‘input lag’ ( where there’s a slight delay in the command you enter using the controller and your character actually executing that command ) when my opponent’s  bar on the bottom right of the screen is red. There have also been some  instances where the game may freeze. I’m hoping Namco will address these issues soon. I also hate the fact that if you leave a room you created the room closes as opposed to leadership being passed on like it was in T5DR.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Graphics:  8/10

If released 2 years ago along side the arcade version this game probably would have been one of the best looking games on the PS3. Today, I have to admit, it looks average.

Sound: 90/100

Because it supports customizable music.

Replay: 100/100

Since nearly all the trophies require you to play through the Scenario Campaign and the price of the custom outfits is extremly high, you’ll be playing this for a while. Not to mention the online vs mode..


 Despite it’s  flaws, Tekken 6 is a great installment in the Tekken series with tons of replay value on and offline. No fan of the series should pass it up.

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Tekken 6 provided by Namco Bandai.