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God Of War III Demo Impressions.


My my Kratos, what a pretty boy you are. Although you wouldn’t say this to his face through fear that he would disembowl you before ripping your eye out and then stabbing you through the head with your own appendage. To describe the God of War games as violent would be like saying Michael Bay is fond of explosions and the GOW III demo is no exception to this rule.

Infact the increase in graphical power means it can bemore violent than ever with full on blood and guts being spilled at every oppertunity. The graphics are incredible, it’s going to be a close call as to whether it trumps Uncharted 2 as the environemnts seen so far have not been varied and dare i say it, a little bland? It could however prove to be more epic if the sequence of events from the demo are anything to go by.


The gameplay is instantly familiar to anyone who has played any of the previous iterations in the series although there are some new innovations. In the demo you get to try a few, the most memorable being a move that allows you to grab an enemy and then use them as a battering ram to charge through others. As GOW III will feature larger numbers of enemies this move will no doubt prove invaluable in the full game. Another new feature is the ability to ride a cyclops, in the demo this allows Kratos to attack a group of enemies huddled up like an ancient Testudo formation the ride finishes with the obligatory removing the single eyeball from the socket, but now even more gorier than ever.

To sum up, the God of War III demo is a lot of fun, its more epic than ever if a little too familiar but then this does work in its favour as you instantly get on with the killing and mayhem. I can’t wait for March to see if this becomes not just the God of War but the God of Games too.