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Sony Sued Over Firmware

Last week, two PS3 owners reported that September’s 3.0 and 3.1 firmware updates bricked their PS3s. Both contacted Sony, being told that their problem was purely “coincidental and unrelated to the system update.” Almost adding insult to injury, Sony told them that if they merely paid $150, they would have their systems fixed. Shortly after, they filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all PS3 owners who updated to the current firmwares of that time, demanding unspecified damages and compensation.

I have to side with Sony on this one. Being a YLOD victim myself –I still have yet to get a replacement–, I can sympathize with with these two. However, I disagree with the lawsuit, seeing as firmware can, and will, occasionally cause problems. Just to make a point clear, the pair cannot be sure that the firmware caused the problems. Any number of problems can go wrong with electronics. Maybe the number of people with firmware-related problems is larger than I know, but until I find out, I’m sticking to my opinion.

Gamespot reports on it here.

What’s your opinion on the issue? Agree or disagree, be sure to say why in the comments!