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Bad Company 2 Trailer and Other Info

Here’s the new trailer released today for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It showcases the map that will be available in the beta. The trailer was taken from a recording of one of their studio play tests, and here’s how it was put together:

After we’re done with our daily tests, we can replay the rounds over and over until we find the scenes we’re looking for. This way people can be sure that the game trailer they’re looking at represents the game they will get to play when it’s out.

So I flew around the level with my free cam, looking for some infantry fighting, some tank battles and of course some really cool destruction. After I was done capturing and editing, the sound team added the sound and music to set the mood and tone of the movie.

Reading through the comments on the source, some other details made it through via replies from Brad Bennett. Here are those details:

  • There will be a Limited Edition
  • Beta will run up to January 4th
  • Focus right now is on Multiplayer, Single player info will be made available in the short future
  • GameStop preorder will net you the exclusive AK-74
  • If you preorder, you get Limited Edition at no extra cost, with 6 early unlocks
  • There’s no local co-op, but they did hint at online co-op, but can’t give details straight away
  • It’s rated “M” 😛
  • I’m contemplating preordering this game, it looks amazing! Anyone else?