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Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Confronts Valve

All I got to say is…”Get’em Randy!” Finally Valve is being exposed for their true colors by other devs. Its a simple investment attitude really. Valve benefits if people buy the PC and 360 version of their games because there are less people who get a part of the pie.

“Doug Lombardi had to take a swipe at the PS3 again, and I thought it was foolish,” Pitchford told OPM, according to AnalogHype.

I read it the same way I read fanboys,” he added. “Like there’s a guy who bought the Sony platform and he’s a Sony guy, so he decides he’s going to spend a certain percentage of his time bashing Microsoft. And there’s a guy on Microsoft doing the same thing. Those guys are childish and narrow minded; It’s the same kind of thing.”

I’m actually kind of mad at Doug because with the Orange Box, he said the 360 and PC versions are the good ones and the PS3 version is like the stepchild because some other developer made it. Well you Valve don’t really think that, because look what you’ve done on the PC side. You’ve supported that, you’ve added all this content to Team Fortress 2, and you’ve left us hanging. It’s hard to accept that genuinely, because I know the business, I know you guys make half the money on the PS3 version because you’ve got other fingers in the pie, and other developers getting a cut. It benefits you if nobody buys that, and only buys the PC version, because you make the most money. There’s this underlying sleaziness.