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Modern Warfare 2 Launch Event Tonight on Home

It looks like the PS3 is getting a little bit of attention from Infinity Ward after all. Home will be supporting seamless game launching starting tonight, which kicks off the start of a new feature in Home called the “Featured Game” party, which I will describe here in a bit.

There are also going to be free prizes just for attending this launch event, including winning the pictured ARTFX statue shown above, which is a depiction of Captain “Soap” MacTavish of Task Force 141 from the Cliffhanger mission in the game, which stands at 12 inches tall. 10 of these will be given away at random just for attending the “Featured Game” event tonight

Getting back to what the “Featured Game” party is, from the Official Blog:

Every day one of the latest and greatest PlayStation 3 games (that have an online multiplayer component, of course) will be showcased in PlayStation Home. Official host accounts (manned by the Home Community Management team, the Home Community Volunteer team, and – when available – game developers and other celebrity players) will gather in Central Plaza between the hours of 6:00pm and 10:00pm PT (9:00pm and 1:00am EST). A list of host accounts will be placed on the screens at the Listen@Home kiosk in Central Plaza as well as on the official PlayStation Home Clubs and Events forum.

If you have the Featured Game and want to join in on the fun, just add one of these accounts and then use the “Go To” feature to travel to official “instances” of Central Plaza where the event is taking place (you can find the “Go To” option in your Menu Pad by going to your Friends List and then selecting the name of the host account). Once at the event, insert the Featured Game into your PlayStation 3 and either set up your own game launching session or join someone else’s (just look for the game title being broadcast above another player’s avatar).

I know a few of us won’t be getting the game (at least, for now), but it is nice to see the PS3 version getting SOME attention. I won’t be attending the launch party tonight, since I don’t have the game and can’t afford any at the moment anyway, but for those of you who do have it and own it on PS3, be sure to check it out!