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Modern Warfare 2 Servers are down. [Update]

With Patch 1.02 (for trophies) released today the multiplayer mode of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 suddenly disappeared and went offline. Many gamers have feared that this will not be resolved until patch 1.03 (a fix for party invites) is released this friday. I can reveal that this is not the case as it is merely the servers being overloaded and going down due to the intense demand.

Robert Bowling revealed on his twitter;

PS3 Status: Patch successful. Trophy Unlocks on PS3 now available in Single Player & Spec Ops. Adding more servers to meet MP demand.

They [Demonware] are adding more bandwidth servers to meet MP demand. The Patch was for SP only.

MP doesn’t require a patch. It’s a server overload not a bug in the code. They’re working to have servers back up ASAP.

Demonware in case you are wondering is a third party IW outsourced to, to run the multiplayer side of the game. On Xbox Live Microsoft maintain all the servers but on PSN its up to the game’s makers provide the servers, which is mainly why it is free.

So please stay patient as the servers should be up soon, in the mean time you can always play the excellent Spec-Ops as you’ve more than likely finished the Campaign already. A review of Modern Warfare 2 will be up soon.

[update] From Robert Bowling;

PS3 Update: MP Servers gradually coming back online. Some users may still experience issues. Also, EU Players get Trophy patch tonight.