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Fast Game Starts

Rant rant rant. Blah blah blah. I’m warning you up front that I’m going to be complaining about stuff in this post. So if you don’t like that, move on.

And I’ll get right to the point: I hate games that take forever to start.

All that has to load is a couple menus. Is that so hard? Why does it take SO LONG for most games to start up? It just doesn’t make sense. The game should be able to load up some basic menus very quickly, and then load other stuff while you’re navigating the first couple menus. It’s not that hard to do, from a programming point of view. Maybe I’m just missing something here?

It’s especially annoying when a game is patched, on purpose, to prevent you from skipping ahead to the menu. ( *cough* Killzone2 *cough* ) That just shows disrespect to the gamer. I’ve already shelled out my $60. You don’t need to subject me to your advertising anymore, thank-you very little.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time, and you know what prompted me to write about it now? A new game that just came out that lets you get right into the menus pretty darn quick. What game is that, I hear you say? I say: MW2! Yup! Anyone notice that you can skip the opening IW twirl, and hit X and get right into the menus pretty quickly? It’s nice. And it respects the gamer, the person who’s already spent $60 on the game, and let’s them get to it.

Thanks, IW.