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State Of The Japanese Gaming Industry

“Personally when I looked around [at] all the different games at the TGS floor,” Capcom’s Ben Judd translated Inafune, “I said ‘Man, Japan is over. We’re done. Our game industry is finished.'”

  After the Tokyo Game Show this year the famed Mega Man creator had nothing positive  to say about the state of the Japanese gaming indusrty. Speaking to a crowd of attendees he asked what they thought of TGS ’09  and expressed his dissappointment in this years line-up. However, Inafune did take the time  to note that Capcom’s upcoming title Dead Rising 2 will be one  “kick ass” game emerging from Japan, eventhough it’s being handled by Canadian studio Blue Castle Games.

Is the Japanese gaming industry really  falling behind? 

 Right now the most innovative game to grace this gen was developed by Media Molecule, a small European studio.  Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America, even praised the critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive Little Big Planet.  The action-adventure genre has been pushed to new heights by the American company, Naught Dog with Uncharted 2 and it took only 18 months to do so.  French studio Quantic Dreams is said to be  pushing the story telling  envelope with their upcoming title, Heavy Rain.

The only game I’ve played so far  that’s come out of Japan and has taken me by surprise is FROM SOFTWARE’s Demon’s Souls. Konami’s MGS4 offered nothing new in terms of gameplay. Neither did Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 or Resident Evil 5.  Square Enix’s attempts to ‘expand into the western market’  by releasing mediocre games have failed as well.

Was Inafune  exaggerating a bit only to prove his point, or is  their trouble ahead for the Japanese gaming indusrty?