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Madden NFL 11 and PS3/PSP Interconnectivity

This was reported by IGN PS3 a few days ago, but if you had actually read the story, titled “Madden NFL 11 News”, it did raise an interesting few details.

First and foremost, the news slipped through at a press conference with reps from EA, Capcom and Sony discussing things that haven’t gone right for the PlayStation brand. Among things discussed was PSP and PS3 interconnectivity and EA’s Scott Cronce discussed Madden NFL 10’s ability to allow you to create plays on the PSP version and then uploading them to play on PS3.

He was then asked when playing seasons on both platforms would be compatible, so you can pick up where you left off on one system. He replied, “We’re shooting for it this year.” Does that mean such compatibility would be available on Madden NFL 11? So far, it looks like a possibility. They were trying to have that capability in 10, but it hadn’t made it in in the end, though.

Now for those of us who aren’t big fans of Madden games, the article still has one interesting idea I think they (and other companies) should follow. When asked how they would market such a feature, Cronce said that they could supply a premium pack that includes the PS3 game with a digital download code for Madden on PSP.

The question is, in order to make it an irresistible deal, how much more would the game retail for? $10? $15? I think that this is a great idea and everyone else should consider doing similar bundles (assuming EA pulls through with it). How about an Assassin’s Creed II with Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines bundle pack (since those have PSP/PS3 interconnectivity of sorts)? LittleBigPlanet GOTY with LBP PSP? God of War III with Chains of Olympus (hell, how about a GoW superpack with those two, as well as the GoW Collection)?

I think deals and packs like those would actually sell quite well, especially with Sports titles and continuing your play season between each platform. Even sharing unlocks and cars between Gran Turismo on PSP and GT5 would be cool (and perfect for a bundle as well). Anyone else think that bundles like those would be a good idea and boost sales for both titles and consoles? And which packs would you like to see?