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PS3 Gamers Avoiding Borderlands Too?


According to this article, Gearbox sold 545,000 units of Borderlands in October. The 360 version sold 418,000 units. That leaves 127,000 units sold on the PC and PS3 combined.

That’s quite a difference.

Are the recent PS3 exclusives that good, that so many PS3 gamers are staying away from the multiplatform titles? This fall there were three big games for me: Uncharted 2, Borderlands, and MW2. Each game is totally different and I’ve been having a blast playing all three.

I just hope that Gearbox doesn’t look at the PS3 numbers and decides that focusing on the 360 was indeed the correct move. The PS3 version had some teething issues, just like MW2 did. (And Sacred 2 a while ago as well, but there the 360 version had problems too.) Is that because games sell so much better on the 360? It would make sense.

Are the PS3 versions receiving less attention because of bad sales? Or do people see the problems with PS3 ports and stay away from them? Chicken and egg, I guess. But I think it’s sad that PS3 versions come limping out of the gate. Borderlands and MW2 are both awesome games, and I think they’d sell better if the developers spent just a tiny bit more time getting them right.