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MW2: Matchmaking Still Broken


When I say “matchmaking” I mean the ability to put together a good team to fight with and against.

When I say “still” I mean since… forever. It didn’t work properly in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it didn’t work in Call of Duty: World at War.

When I say “broken” I mean that it doesn’t work properly. There is matchmaking functionality, it just doesn’t work very well.

Let me give you two examples.

Last night my friend an I were playing Headquarters. The game put all the players at level 50-ish on one team and all the players level 20-ish on the other team. The results was entirely predictable: we lost 200 to 0. This is not an isolated incident – it happens quite often. Some people claim that this happens because all the people on the other team are in a party. I might believe that if this didn’t happen so often.

Secondly – isn’t matchmaking supposed to put you together with people of similar skill level? Because I’ve never seen this happen. Why can’t it find people with similar k/d ratios, and put you together with them? Sure your k/d ratio will vacillate a bit, but I’d take this method over what’s happening now any day.