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MW2: PS3 Party Invites Still Broken


UPDATE: Several people have said that if all party members quit the lobby they’re in, that they’ll be reunited again. This simply is not the case. This just doesn’t work.

Last night I installed patch 1.04 of MW2. That’s right, the fourth patch since launch a week ago.

And the party invites system is still broken.

Let me just point out right off the bat that the initial invite works just fine now. That used to be broken, but now works. You can receive an invite, accept it, and get plopped into your friend’s party no problem.

But that’s where things go downhill.

Say you’re the party leader. You think to yourself that maybe Ground War is where you want to go. So you choose that option, but then decide to change your mind, so you back out. And your party’s gone. So you have to invite your friend again, and start the process over.

That’s right. Unless you want to play in the same playlist all night, you’ll constantly have to reform your party. Am I the only one experiencing this?