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The Weekly Recap (November 15-21)

It’s been another relatively busy week this week, despite me only submitting, what, three articles (minus the new game releases)?! Trev dominated the submissions this week, and, quite frankly, I’m tired of seeing his picture, so if you find any news we haven’t covered, you can sign up to become a writer on the blog. There is no commitment or requirements or anything, but anything submitted has to be reviewed by Tosh first, since we like to keep the blog family friendly and informational (so no swear words or anything).

As far as the popular item this week, it’s a toss-up between PS3 firmware and firmware ideas, etc, and Modern Warfare 2 post-launch articles, including a couple complaints by Blackstaffer (no surprise there :P). For those I mention, don’t get offended because I always take cheap shots at members on these posts :lol:! We’ve got quite bit you may have missed, though, so read on!

Currently, we have a giveaway going on for that Konnet Power Pyramid, with today being the last day to enter (so if you want it, be sure to read how to enter here). You can also read the review for the device here.

Also a heads up, we also got two new Blog features that allow you to positively rate comments posted in articles and quote comments as well (each icon is located in the shaded bar above each comment). Tosh is always adding stuff and I’ll always post any changes made on my recap just to let you guys know.

I also started another weekly addition to co-exist with the New Blu-Ray releases. I’m still working on the layout and all that, taking into consideration some of the ideas you guys gave me from the first one last week. If you guys have any suggestions for the Recap or the New Games Release topics, be sure to let me know through a reply to the articles or Private Message in the Community forums!

Before I forget, anyone try out the Easter Egg yet? To find out how to do it, check here. It took me until clue three to figure out what it was! Someone got it first try, probably because it was an Easter Egg a lot of websites, including Facebook, use). Here’s this week’s recognitions (from 26 posts).

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New Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Playlists.
Trev – November 15th

Madden NFL 11 and PS3/PSP Interconnectivity
JimmyMagnum – November 15th

Activision May Charge For COD Online in the Future
Eddie – November 15th

Konnet Power Pyramid for PS3 Review
Tosh – November 16th

Firmware Version 3.10!
JimmyMagnum – November 16th

Cross game chat still coming.
Trev – November 17th

Rumor: Pandemic Studios Shutting Down
Eddie – November 17th

PS3 Gamers Avoiding Borderlands Too?
Blackstaffer – November 17th

Happy Birthday PlayStation 3!
Tosh – November 17th

Warner Launches DVD2BLU Program
Tosh – November 17th

Playstation Video Store website is live.
Trev – November 18th

No More Heroes – Heroes Paradise Coming to PS3
Eddie – November 18th

MW2: Matchmaking Still Broken
Blackstaffer – November 18th

MW2: PS3 Party Invites Still Broken
Blackstaffer – November 18th

Is the scrolling note music game fad over (DJ Hero)?
Darrin – November 18th

[Rumor] Firefox Coming to the PS3?
Tosh – November 18th

Playstation Video Store is live.
Trev – November 19th

PSN to Get “New Revenue Stream From Subscription”
Eddie – November 19th

The European Playstation Video Store Launch Party.
Trev – November 19th

Metal Gear Solid on PS Store today.
Trev – November 19th

IBM Dropping the “Cell”? What Will Happen to the PS4?
Eddie – November 20th

3D Dot Game Heroes English Trailer.
Trev – November 20th

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Moments.
Trev – November 20th

How to use adhocParty for PSP
Tosh – November 20th

FFXIII Images and Info
Eddie – November 21st

Dear PlayStation: Grandma | Blu-ray
Tosh – November 21st

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta
Tosh – November 17th

More Firmware 3.10 Details
Tosh – November 18th

PS3 Firmware 3.10 Arrives Today
Tosh – November 18th

Spike TV’s 2009 VGA
fleakitten – November 18th

PS3 Firmware 3.10 Now Live
Tosh – November 18th

SlySpyder is giving away a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Key
Tosh – November 19th

Need a Code for European Bad Company 2 Beta?
JimmyMagnum – November 19th

Karaoke Revolution Bundle

I’m surprised that the only game coming out this week is Karaoke Revolution (then again, it is the week of Thanksgiving in the US, so the releases might take a back seat due to Black Friday sales starting this Friday. Keep an eye out there for any good Black Friday deals. Sometimes they have crazy ones like buy 1 get 2 free and stuff (including games and accessories).

Keep checking back often and be sure to read any following Recaps! I appreciate the support!


Karaoke Revolution Bundle


Old Dogs

Funny People (Blu-Ray)