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2010: The First 6 Months


In years past developers and publishers used to cram their games  into the busy holiday season. In the process hidden gems like Valkyria Chronicles were over looked because of the release schedule. Now it seems some of these devs/publishers have decided to  release their big name titles 3-6 months later. Too bad everyone is doing the same. Before 2010 is 6 months old, a flood of hyped games and new IPs will be hitting the store shelves for the PS3 making your wallet a lot lighter.

Scheduled for release by May 2010: God of War III, MAG, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5( jp only?), White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean 4: International, Renosance of Fate, Bayonetta, Alien vs. Predator 3, Lost Planet 2, Dante’s Inferno, BioShock 2, Dead Rising 2, Mafia 2, Dead 2 Rights: Retribution, NIER, Red Dead Redemption, Agarest: Generations of War, Max Payne 3, Dynasty Warriors: StrikeForce and many more if you’re an importer.

With so many games to choose from and big names like GOW 3 and FFXIII landing, some of these games may be overlooked. Of course these games will still be available long after their release but if you’re like me and you have to have the newest releases on day one, you’re going to have a lot to choose from.