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Brand Loyalty

It’s no secret that  multiplatform games have sold faster on the 360  than the PS3.  Sales figures of  games like COD: MW2, Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden, and Borderlands have reflected that trend. On the other hand , some multiplatform games have gone on to sell the most on the PlayStation 3.


Take for example Devil May Cry 4:

  Released in early 2008, Devil May Cry 4  has since seen the most sales on the PS3. To date, the PS3 version of DMC4  has sold  1.26m copies while the 360 version has sold 1.18 m.  Not exactly a landslide differance in sales but it is a note worthy gap when you factor in the install base of the two systems.

 Resident  Evil 5:

Excluding the Gamecube version of RE4, the Resident Evil series made it’s name on every Sony platform. As of June , total worldwide PS3 sales of RE5 topped 2.58m copies, closely followed by the 360’s 2.42m.

 Tekken 6:

Only a month old, T6 has sold 0.65m copies on the PS3 while the 360 version has only shifted 0.28m worldwide. The PS3 version ,at last check, was # 30  in worldwide weekly sales. The 360 version has fallen off the top 50 list.I guess those 0.28 m were the ones Namco claimed demanded the game appear on the 360.

 Final Fantasy XIII


While Microsoft has claimed that FFXIII will sell more on the 360, history has proven otherwise. Given the fact that FFXIII will be releasing this year as  a PS3 exclusive in Japan, a whole 3 months ahead of the American and European versions, there is no way any Final Fantasy game on the 360 will outsell it’s PS3 counterpart. I predict the Japanese PS3 version alone will outsell all versions for the 360.

What about games like Grand Theft Auto  and Soul Caliber?  Irrelevant. Those games were available for the XBox as well last gen.

 Devil May Cry , Tekken , Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Resident Evil..all former PlayStation exclusives selling better on a Sony system.  Throw in the fact that despite Microsoft’s best efforts to improve the 360’s status in the land of the rising sun, most of the strong sales of the PS3 versions of these franchises have come from Japan.

It seems that PlayStation fans are indeed brand loyal.

 Sales data taken from VGChartz.