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December ’09 PS3 Firmware Wishes

Every once in a while I like to ruminate about how I would like the PS3 to evolve. Sony keeps updating the PS3’s firmware both with features I welcome (like in-game XMB) and features I don’t care about (like the half-hearted Facebook integration). I am a single console kind of guy, and that console is the PS3. (I don’t count the Wii, which is for the kids, which the kids snub for the PS3.) All my gaming friends have 360’s, and all but one also have a PS3. So maybe they would feel the PS3’s deficiencies even more keenly than I do. That said, I’m going to once again make a list of changes I’d like to see in the PS3.

Even though I’m numbering them, they’re in no particular order:

  1. Removal of Confirmations
    I’m playing online with my friends more now than ever, and this long-running annoyance is getting me here too. If I say to cancel a message, just cancel it dag nabbit! I don’t need the system questioning my every move. Especially for all the things that are so easy to do again if I didn’t really mean to go that route. Are you sure you want to? Please confirm that you want to. Is that really what you want to? Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh please YES! Just do it already!
  2. Better Party System
    I’ve often been to one of my friend’s places, and see how nice the party system is on the 360. It sure would be nice if the PS3 had a party system. Yup, sure would. And one that works! If it’s a system thing, would that get rid of all the problems I’m having in MW2 staying in the same party? Maybe 360 owners can answer this, but I’m quite frustrated.
  3. Better Voice Chat
    Either Sony has to provide better libraries to developers, or improve it themselves. I don’t know. But it’s really annoying that in one game the voice chat works flawlessly, wh.. in ano…. .ame . …’. ………. . word my …… …..
  4. Cross System Voice Chat with Auto Connect
    Maybe if Sony doesn’t want to fix the above issue, they can walk around it by provider their own system wide voice chat of high quality. This would work across any game or movie or whatever. And it would auto-connect. That is, you could start your PS3, and a voice channel is automatically opened to your friends. (Of course, your friends to easily and temporarily disable instant voice if they don’t want to be disturbed). But think about it. Wouldn’t that just be SO COOL?
  5. Auto Music
    I don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented a long time ago. But it would be nice if the PS3 started playing a random song from a specified playlist as soon as it starts up.
  6. Fix Autoplay
    Ever since firmware 3.0 (I think), autoplay is broken. When I start my PS3, the game therein doesn’t start. If I put in a game after the PS3 is started, then it’ll autostart, but that’s not good enough. I just want my old functionality back.
  7. Better Browser
    I don’t really think I need to expand on this one, do I?
  8. PSN API
    I’d like there to be an API so that third parties can tie into the PSN and get your friends’ online status, send them messages, check your own message, look at Trophies, etc.
  9. Improved Performance
    Hitting the PSN button on the controller while in game brings up the XMB agonizingly slow. Can anything be done about that?
  10. PSN Video Store in Canada
    Why don’t we have it yet? The USA has it. UK has it. Germany has it. France has it. Spain has it. Why not Canada?
  11. Better Home Integration
    I created a custom avatar of myself in Home. Why can’t I use this avatar in other games? The only thing I really like about the Wii is that when you play a game, you often see friends and family members in the game with you. Why can’t this be done on the PS3?
  12. Improve Home Itself
    Start Home. Wait. Press button. Wait. Wait. Wait. Press button. Wait some more. When done waiting, wait a little bit more. Yeah, like this is attractive.
  13. Space Reserved
    I know I’m going to think of more in a couple hours…. 🙂