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White Knight Chronicles Officially Feb 2nd!


Can anyone say its about *expletive deleted* time? hehe So long we have waited for this game and now its around the corner. With the new additions of 50 based coop missions on the disc with many more downloadable to come…I’m having a hard time containing myself.

This game is surely going to offer me several days of enjoyment. There is only one problem….FFXIII releases one month later….life can be cruel and unfair at times.

-Over 50 disc-based online quests. You can complete these quests solo, or cooperatively with up to three other players to gain extra gear and experience. (That’s just on the disc. Wait until you hear what else we’ll have at launch!)

-Voice Chat. Need we say more? =)

-The Georama. Build an online village for your character where you can invite friends to complete quests online and purchase unique items and gear.

-Live Talk. Leonard and his companions will have side conversations during gameplay, adding a little more character to your travels through the world of White Knight Chronicles.