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ModNation Racers Character Creation Sticker/Decal Walkthrough

Apart from the above video, the beta has been announced to start on the 18th and run through to January 10th.

First off, I really hate how he says decal. It irritates me because I’ve gone through life calling them de-cals (like California). Anyways, besides that little bit of “who cares” news, the sticker system on this game sounds pretty interesting. There will be, at least, 500 layers of stickers you can add, so you can really go crazy with the customization options there.

They also have the options to scale, rotate, skew, all that good stuff. You can also change the color and material of the stickers (such as giving them chrome properties, etc). There are also “physical” stickers like rust, mud, etc. that you can use as well.

You are also able to group layers together and resize and adjust those as a group as well (which comes in handy) and also allows for you to save the sticker set to the PS3 in case you want to use the same design on another character (might even work for vehicles as well). I’m wondering if you can attach physical objects to your racers, or even karts, to really customize it. That would be cool for those who really want to personalize their racers and carts.

This game is looking pretty promising and is definitely going to give games like Mario Kart a run for their money, except this time, it’s on the PS3. And you can create your own tracks. I’m hoping I can get in on the beta, so I can test the systems out myself.