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PixelJunk Shooter Impressions


  • The fun of this game is interacting with the fluids and gases. There is basic shooting and collecting, but that’s just a simple game on top of playing with the fluids and gases. There is good variety as well. The game introduces a new mechanic of some kind every few levels.
  • The levels are puzzle-like, but they are easy and very fun to play through. This is WAY easier than Monsters or Eden which were both unusually hard games.
  • I’d estimate that I spent about four or five hours with it before I beat it. There is actually a lot of content for $10. This is much less grindy than Monsters and much less time consuming than Eden. You can zip through the levels fairly quickly.
  • Great, very appropriate music, although some of the lyrics are intrusive.
  • Overall: great, really unique, fun game. Outside of Wipeout Fury add-on, this is almost surely the best downloadable game of ’09. Eden is probably still my favorite PixelJunk game, but this is a close second. These guys are really good at finding fun concepts and turning them into fun, polished games.

Any other impressions?