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That Joker Sure Can Sell Games!



First Person Shooters may sell comfortably well on Microsoft’s system but who would have thought a superhero game would sell more on the PS3. That’s the case with  this summer’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. The PS3 version is currently leading the 360 counterpart by 10,000 units. Maybe not the landslide difference when compared to other recently released multi-platform games but it should come as no surprise why the PS3 version is leading.

Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst Jesse Divnich believes there’s only one reason for the PS3 version’s lead, exclusive content;

“With Batman, the evidence is clear, getting exclusivity on content can play a large role in driving sales to your console,” he told IGN. “In fact, if you calculate the additional sales the PS3 version received, extrapolate that worldwide, Sony likely generated an additional $2 million in royalty revenue from this exclusive content.”

PS3 gamers who bought Batman: Arkham Asylum were treated to additional content not available on the 360 version of the game  in the form of  everyone’s favorite homicidal clown,The Joker.

If exclusive content sells more games on a system with the smallest install base then Electronic Arts’ upcoming release of Dante’s Inferno may be the next multi-platform title to lead on PlayStation 3. An exclusive special edition has been announced only for the PS3.