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The Weekly Recap (December 6-12)

This week, we’ve had a few opinion pieces in, as well as announcements for a few games, including upcoming new trophies for LBP and all that. The holiday weekend is fast approaching, though, so new might get even tighter. We’ve only had 19 total entries this week.

Alright folks, first off, we still have voting going on for Game of the Year, among others. Be sure to check that out here. If we have to, I’ll extend the entries into January so we have a more varied list. We also have a new poll up, so be sure to place your vote in there as well. Also, congratulations to George on winning that $25 gift card!

Other than that, not much else community-wise. Remember, if you have a question or anything like that, the Community forum is there for you! Here’s this week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • Trev – 5 Entries

Most Liked

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ModNation Racers Beta begins soon, register for a chance to win.
Tosh – December 7th

Dead Space 2 Isn’t dead.
Trev – December 7th

Heavy Rain Covers for US and EU Revealed
JimmyMagnum – December 7th

Just Cause you can.
Trev – December 7th

ModNation Racers Character Creation Sticker/Decal Walkthrough
JimmyMagnum – December 7th

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Trailer.
Trev – December 8th

It’s a beautiful day…
Trev – December 8th

Yakuza 3 Western Release Confirmed.
Trev – December 8th

PS3 Firmware 3.15 Update
Blackstaffer – December 8th

Tempering Yakuza 3 Excitement
Darrin – December 8th

Final Fantasy XIII Gets a 39/40 From Famitsu
Eddie – December 9th

Has Grand Theft Auto Peaked?
Darrin – December 9th

Media Molecule Adding New Levels and Trophies to LBP
fleakitten – December 10th

Firmware 3.15 Live. Full Update List
JimmyMagnum – December 10th

Metacritic’s Best Games of 2009
JimmyMagnum – December 10th

November 2009 Sales
Darrin – November 11th

That Joker Sure Can Sell Games!
fleakitten – December 12th

Worldwide Software Sales Nov 29-Dec. 5th
fleakitten – December 12th

PixelJunk Shooter Impressions
Darrin – December 12th

Smithsonian to Open an “Art of Video Games” Museum in 2012
Eddie – December 9th

PSP minis Issues on PS3
JimmiMagnum – December 11th

Ready! Set! Race!
fleakitten – December 12th

Well, the last poll finally ended! For the most part, it seems, overwhelmingly, people want the classics to be remade. Personally, I chose “If they updated the graphics” because the gameplay should, indeed, stay the same. Anyway, here’s the total results:

Should classic games have a remake?

  • If they upgrade graphics and gameplay – 71 Votes 28% of all votes
  • Yes – 57 Votes 22% of all votes
  • It depends – 56 Votes 22% of all votes
  • If they upgrade the graphics – 52 Votes 20% of all votes
  • Leave the classics alone – 16 Votes 6% of all votes
  • No – 6 Votes 2% of all votes

Yeah, this week is going to be a very slow week, especially since there aren’t any currently scheduled new releases coming up. We’ll still try to find any good news morsels here and there for you though!



Inglourious Basterds

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