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Red Dead Redemption - First Look at Gameplay

This is a new trailer released by Rockstar Games earlier today which gives us our first glimpse of the game from a gameplay perspective. I thought it was funny how they used a narrator that makes it sound more like a documentary :P. Anyway, judging the game based off of this new trailer, the game is definitely shaping up to be a must-have title for 2010.

It looks liem there will be plenty of side-jobs and activities, including hunting, searching for escaped criminals, bronco riding; all that good stuff. One of the cool things is the honor system, where it builds up the more you follow the law. YOu also get honor for brining in wanted criminals alive, by hogtying them and throwing them on your horse. Of course, you could just kill him, steal horses and cause chaos, which will destroy your honor, but you could make more money being on the other side of the law…

The game is coming along nicely it seems. It’s definitely on the top of my most wanted list for 2010, which is already loaded with titles, including heavy Rain, God of War 3, etc. The game hits store shelves in April.