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Is the PS3 faster than PCs?

On a recent Bonus Round video, I noticed Michael Pachter say the following inflammatory quote:

“Nobody has a PC that’s faster than a PS3.”

First off, Pachter is completely right. A PS3 or a 360 will absolutely blow the pants off of most PCs for playing 3D video games.

On the flip side, the way he worded that statement, he’s not really right. Lots of people have a PC that’s far faster than a PS3. For example, me. My PC has a quad-core CPU, 8 GB RAM, a nice video card, and will destroy the PS3 on any direct benchmark with the same software. It’s not even a new PC; it’s two years old and the hardware you can buy new is far better.

But of course, almost no one buys computers like that. Almost every PC/Mac user that I know uses laptops not desktops. Try running your Crysis FPS test on an Intel Integrated Graphics system. Heck, try playing Peggle with Intel Integrated Graphics. I did, it would hover at about 4 FPS, and would frequently dip to below 1 FPS, until I figured out you have to go into the settings and disable hardware “acceleration” and use the software (CPU) renderer.

The PCs that people use for work and school, which are mostly laptops, simply can’t play the types of 3D games you get on consoles.