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Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition and Delayed Trophies

Besides the cool boxart, gamers that purchase the CE of Heavy Rain can also expect the following content:

-Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 – The Taxidermist – Experience Madison’s dangerous investigation in full, before it’s available on the PlayStation Store.

-The Heavy Rain Official Soundtrack – Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios, and filled with the powerful orchestral themes that form a key part of the experience of playing Heavy Rain.

-Dynamic XMB theme – Lend a little Heavy Rain ambience to your XMB.

The extra content included  will be available later in the form of DLC  for those who don’t purchase the Collector’s Edition.

Quantic Dreams is introducing Delayed Trophies for  Heavy Rain.  The little chime and message that appear once you’ve earned a trophy will only appear at the appropriate time. Quantic Dreams doesn’t want  anything distracting gamers from   Heavy Rain’s hefty plot and dramatic sequances.

Heavy Rain is set to release early 2010.