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Nomura Promises “Highly Requested” Game Announcement in 2010.

Nomura Game Announcement

Ol’ Tetsuya’s doing what he does best again: stirring things up with foreshadowed announcements of announcements. In the most recent Gamega magazine, amid speakings of his other projects, he’s asked what he’s most looking forward to in 2010. Nomura declines to answer directly, saying that he can’t yet say the name, but it’s a yet-unannounced game that many people are currently anticipating and that he’s received personal requests about. He foresees a huge reaction to its revelation. What his team is up to is anyone’s guess, and guessing is probably just what he intended with that hint drop. Well 2010 is practically here, so let the guessing begin. Again.

So we have Nomura from Square Enix on a highly requsted game and it will have a huge reaction…..Its one of 3 things. Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 7 sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3…

FF7 Remake has been all but confirmed by SE at one time saying that FF7’s compendium still has yet to have been concluded.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed saying that it will eventually be made.

FF7 remake has not been confirmed but several people from SE has stated they would love to work on it.

Which do you prefer?