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Rumor: GTA IV Episodes coming to PS3


This was hinted at recently and now here is another related rumor coming in:

“We are proud to announce that both episodes experiencies -and a new one- will be available for the PS3. We cannot wait people to play it” commented Dan Houser during a press conference.

Personally, the GTA series is my favorite and this is my #1 most wanted 360 title, so I couldn’t be happier. The only 2010 release that I’m more excited for is Rockstar’s western GTA game, Red Dead Redemption.


UPDATE: Changed this post from official confirmation to rumor. I think I got a little over excited on this one. Luckily, we have some readers who were more diligent in fact checking than i. psxextreme ran this story as an official announcement, and later updated their story to indicate this as merely a rumor (the text indicates that it was always a rumor, but it was not). Anyway, I updated this post to rumor status. I think this will happen, but we will have to wait and see for official confirmation.