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PS3 Firmware Checklist for 2010

A few months back I posted a topic in the community asking everyone for what they would like to see in future firmware updates. Last month, Henning also posted a similar news post, so this list will be compiled from all of everyone’s suggestions. Here’s hoping this year, we see a good majority of these become reality (a few of them may already be planned).

  • Full-featured console friendly Firefox/Chrome Browser (including Flash 10 and the ability to update)
  • Cross Game Chat (including an automatic connect feature)
  • Change Font Color in XMB
  • Custom XMB Shortcuts
  • More Freedom in XMB Customization
  • More Streaming Programs (Hulu,, Netflix from XMB, etc)
  • XM/Sirius Integration
  • Unlock Saved Games or Tie Them to PSN ID
    • Be able to use memory cards to transfer saves between consoles and be able to automatically log in from said memory card
    • Be able to share data between users on the same console
  • Remote Play through web via PC/Mac
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Ability to log Audio/Video Chats for Podcasts
  • Optional full install to HDD for all games
  • Profile Expansion
  • More audio/video Codecs such as MKV
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • True Multi-PSN Sign In/Ability to unlock trophies over multiple PSN IDs
  • Automatically sync trophies on startup/quit game // make it an option
    • Get rid of syncing and instantly unlock trophies and have them posted live
  • Stream Music from Outside Source (media PC/external HDD, etc) for Custom Soundtracks
  • Force music streaming capabilities on all games
  • Ability to Create Custom Avatars (including using your Home avatar as the account avatar)
  • Be able to check up on an unlocked trophy simply by pressing the guide button as opposed to searching for it
  • More communication between PSP and PS3
    • Easier to watch PS3 Eye camera remotely from PSP
  • SKYPE/SIP integration
  • Removal on unwanted confirmations/make it an option
  • Better party system
  • Improve quality and stream of voice chat
  • Ability to automatically run a music playlist at startup
  • Fix autoplay and allow games to start automatically when system starts up (some people say it broke after an older update)
  • Get video store available in all locations (though, this isn’t really a firmware issue)
  • Be able to use Home avatars in other games
  • Faster startup for Home
  • Automatic Home downloads in background (optional)
  • UI consistency between PS3 applications
  • Better Facebook/Twitter support // Ability to use more features
  • Optional Launch into Home on Startup
  • Ability to change PSN ID
  • Ability to hide XMB shortcuts
  • More visualizers for audio files
  • Better audio grouping and management
  • Automatically install files as they download
  • Faster Game to XMB Loading (when pressing the PS Button)
  • Decrease OS resources
  • Fix PSN servers/Faster downloads
  • Charge controllers when console is in Standby mode
  • Better router/gateway support for remote play
  • More Status updates (such as appearing offline)
  • Be able to Backup PlayStation to Network drive as opposed to an external
  • Support NTFS for backups

I could go without a few of them myself, since they won’t really affect me any, but I’m sure most people would agree with something on there. If you have any more, feel free to shout it out in the comments section. I’ll add them to the list when I can.