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Game Releases for the Week of January 5th

It’s slowly picking up already, with two releases of some anticipated games, especially that of Bayonetta, which supposedly got some work done by first party to make it better than it was originally. Darksiders was announced a while back and was then kind of in the shadows for a bit, losing a lot of its anticipation, but who knows, it might be one of those sleeper hits! As for the PlayStation Store this Thursday, the Matt Hazard 2D side scroller Blood Bath and Beyond will be released, as well as a demo for Dark Void, which is an interesting looking game in its own right. Next week we will see the release of another highly anticipated game, Army of Two: the 40th Day, which I am definitely going to rent :D.

PlayStation 3

Darksiders – January 5th // ESRB M
Bayonetta – January 5th // ESRB M

Darksiders – January 7th // PEGI 15
Bayonetta – January 8th // PEGI 15

Darksiders – January 7th // OFLC MA 15+

Darksiders – January 8th



None Listed

None Listed

None Listed

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep // January 9th

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