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Gran Turismo 5 Cover Art Revealed

The story I posted yesterday had a picture taken of an insert from the publication PlayStation: the Official Magazine; on it was what looked to be what would wind up being the cover art for the game itself. This was only partly right.

Turns out, it was the right car (a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG), but the car itself, as seen in the pic above, is red with bits of it fading into the basic empty design from the magazine insert. Though I’m not big on high end cars, I must say that the cover does look sleek and, with lack of a better word, beautiful!

Along with the release of the cover art, also has an assortment of SLS AMG photographs from the game posted as well. There, too, is also a video showcasing the car featuring both in-game and real-life footage of the car, which is currently being uploaded to the Community YouTube page. Once it’s finished uploading and processing, I’ll go ahead and throw it up here as well ;).

Well, the video was up earlier, but the first 4 seconds and some of the last few were cut off, so I had to re-upload. It may still be processing, but here it is: