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PlayStation Home - The Waterfall Terrace

Pretty nice Estate, it has a built-in fishing game and plenty of space for your virtual friends. I’m still waiting for the Japanese themed estate that they showed us so long ago. There will be NCAA college football jersey’s and Assassin’s Creed 2 items available on Thursday as well.

This gorgeous abode, carved from the belly of an enormous tree, sits atop a massive waterfall, overlooking a truly breathtaking vista where you can enjoy an eternal sunset all while entertaining your friends with the space’s built-in fishing game. Cast out into your private lagoon and then try to reel in the big one. The better your lure, the better your chances of landing a lunker (hint: your lures upgrade as you progress throughout the game). Your best catches are automatically mounted on the wall of your apartment as testament to your angling prowess. Display your achievements in this expansive pad, which gives plenty of room to party and plenty of space to customize (special Waterfall Terrace furniture will also be made available come launch day). Check out the video below for a tour of this brand spanking new personal space, available this Thursday in the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

This Week in PlayStation Home: Waterfall Terrace Personal Space, NCAA Football Jerseys + Loads More!