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The Weekly Recap (January 3rd-9th)

[tab:This Week]

I’m checking to see what you guys think with this new setup since Tosh added the new capability of adding tabs to a post. This, in my opinion, makes it easier to browse through the recap and make scrolling less needed. In fact, I think it could even be useful in game reviews, dividing each section of a review into different tab categories like graphics/visuals and sound. Would be nice and clean, too. One thing I did notice, though, if you happen to check it out on the PSP browser, it doesn’t recognize the tabs and just posts it as an entire flowing article (though, I only did that because I use my PSP’s browser for email when I don’t feel like starting up the computer and all that haha).

Anyway, this week we saw CES take place, and there was quite a bit flowing out of that, though, not too much was game related. I will be making an article for Monday for a CES recap, a lot of which wasn’t posted outright in the submitted articles. A lot of them would be seen in the CES Live Blog we had going on for a couple days. I will also be posting other interesting things thatg may have not made it, so be sure to check that out as well!

As for other news this week, Gran Turismo and Heavy Rain had a bit. We finally got some more cool details on Gran Turismo, Heavy Rain had some new videos posted (here and here), Darrin has another opinion piece up, and Trev informed us of a funny Safety Card :P.

Anyways, for recognitions and all that good stuff, be sure to go through the tabs above and read within those! Also, please leave feedback and let me know if you like the tabbed setup better!

[tab:Community News]

OK, we got quite a bit going on in the Community this week!. First off, the Editors Choice 2009 Awards have come in, with Uncharted 2 taking the majority of the votes in a lot of the categories, as well as Valkyria Chronicles and Metal Gear Solid 4 tying for the win for 2008’s Game of the Year (retrospect).

We still have voting going on for the Community, so if you want your choices picked, be sure to vote here. I don’t know what the tally is, so there might be some surprises. I also don’t know when Darrin will be ending the voting session, but it’s always better to get your votes in sooner rather than later.

There has also been an update to the Points system, and Tosh has been awarding points to newcomers and posters, so if you’ll like to collect points, be sure to check this post out. As for changes to the original points system, you get 5 points per comment, 40 per post (news submission) and 100 points for registration. Even the Weekly Recap awards have been changed, with the Contributor of the Week getting 200 points and the winners for Most Liked and Most Comments each get 100 points. If you would like to contribute any news, feel free to sign up using the link on the first tab! We love getting the community involved with the site (in fact, I’m a Community member. I’m not staff haha).

As for the recognitions, out of 18 news posts (minus community-related and weekly usuals), here they are:

Contributor of the Week

  • Tosh – 6 Entries

Most Liked

Most Comments

[tab:Gaming News]

2 New Heavy Rain Gameplay Videos
Tosh – January 4th

PS3 Slim “Ben Heck” Laptop up for sale on eBay
Tosh – January 4th

Last chance for Playstation Store Sale.
Trev – January 4th

Z-Pack – PlayStation 3’s First Backup and ISO Loader?
JimmyMagnum – January 4th

Sony Trademarks “Cloudsurf” and “VoyAgent”
Eddie – January 5th

GT5 Information from PlayStation: the Official Magazine
JimmyMagnum – January 5th

CES 2010: Watch Sony’s Press Conference Live
Tosh – January 6th

Gran Turismo 5 Cover Art Revealed
JimmyMagnum – January 6th

PlayStation Home – The Waterfall Terrace
Tosh – January 7th

CES 2010 : Expansion of PlayStation Network ID to other Sony Devices
Tosh – January 7th

3.8 Million PS3’s Sold During the Holidays
Eddie – January 7th

HMV Scores exclusive Heavy Rain special edition.
Trev – January 7th

Dark Void comes with comedy safety card.
Trev – January 8th

CES 2010: New Heavy Rain Gameplay and DLC Leaked?
Tosh – January 8th

Rock Band 2 Update
fleakitten – January 8th

Bayonetta: Too Risqué?
Darrin – January 8th

Need for Speed SHIFT Tournament
JimmyMagnum – January 8th

CES 2010: Nyko Unveils New/Updated Accessories for Slim
JimmyMagnum – January 9th


LBP and Final Fantasy Take The Top Spot on PSN
fleakitten – January 7th

Heavy Rain Release Date
Tosh – January 8th

CES 2010: 3D PS3 Games Playable
Tosh – January 8th

[tab:Play With Us]

Currently, we don’t have any events planned, but if you’re interested in setting something up, be sure to shout out in the Community Forums, letting us know dates and times, if applicable, and leaving your PSN ID for any added friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll make good friends with some of the folks on here!

[tab:Poll Results]

Currently, there aren’t any Poll results, but we do still have the Poll that’s asking you how important Multiplayer support is, so be sure to vote there as well 😉

[tab:Thank You!]

Well, that’s about it for this week! I decided to drop the trailers of games and movies that are being released during the week (both in-store and theater (for movies anyway)), since the tabs seem to have a problem formatting the YouTube embeds. Not that anyone really cared for or looked forward to them :P. Anyway, be sure to come back next week as we start getting into the groove and get the ball rolling for the new releases and news that are sure to leak through in the next couple months!

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