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3D Gaming: Are You Ready For It?


 It’s 2010 and while there’s still no sign of flying cars in the near future,  the way we watch TV and video games will be advancing forward. At this year’s CES, Sony revealed their plans for 3D gaming by demonstrating  games like Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and a playable version of the Avatar game based off of  James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster movie.

Sony’s hardware marketing director John Koller revealed some details of when PS3 owners can expect 3D gaming:

We are going to announce a [3D game] lineup soon. The first and third-party lineup is going to be substantial, it’s a pretty robust list of games…new IP, new franchises but also existing franchises [that] really kind of place the player in the game.

Pricing for 3DTVs hasn’t been announced yet. Word on the street is that companies want to keep the new technology at a more affordable price than when HDTV’s were first introduced. Sony plans to have the PS3 ready for when 3DTVs become available to the masses around summer 2010.  All it’s going to take is a simple firmware update we’ve come to know- and-love and your PS3 will be ready for 3D movies and games. However, a 3DTV and a pair of those nifty glasses will also be needed.

Sony seems to be rather confident that 3D gaming is the next big thing.  Over at the Sony Style store  you’ll find a  3D HDTV will come with 2 pairs of glasses. And if you’re lucky enough to own a Sony Bravia HDTV you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new TV just for 3D entertainment. 3D viewing capability is already incorporated into some of their Bravia HD models.

With the PS3 soon  becoming 3D capable and a full line up of 3D games around the corner, should Microsoft and Nintendo be worried?

Find out more about Sony’s 3D plans here and details on the company’s line up of  3D Bravia HDTVs can be found here.