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RPG Spotlight: Resonance of Fate

                  NA/EU Box Art                                   Japanese Box Art


End of Eternity  ( a.k.a Resonance of Fate outside of Japan ) is the newest steampunk rpg brought to you by a collaberation between Sega and Tri Ace. The game is set to release Jan. 28th in Japan. There’s been no official release date for the rest of the world as-of-yet, but Sega has previously stated the game will have a simultaneous releases in “Early 2010”.

  Here’s what we can expect:


-Technical bits:
International versions will have Japanese and English VA.  EU versions will include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish subtitles. Seems to amount to having the cutscenes with translated voice, and text for the rest.

Approx. 80 hours of gameplay.

Details via the official Sega-blog:

-SDTV-friendly text – If you don’t have a HDTV yet, you will actually be able to read the text in this game. Models are all made to take advantage of HDTV sets however, this just means that you will see less detail in the models on standard def sets, a given really.
-High music production – The game’s soundtrack will be recorded with a full orchestra and be delivered in 5.1 surround sound. Music will change depending on how you are doing in battle.
-Fast load times – This has been promised for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The game will also support installations on both systems, but the code has be optimized to load quickly without installs.
-No disc swaps – I hear that Tri-ace’s last game, Star Ocean 4, had you switching discs back and forth after you beat the game (if you decided to explore). Well, don’t worry about that this time, they have promised no disc swapping since the game will ship on one disc on both systems. For those scared that it will have less content due to being one DVD disc, they say that they saved space by making cutscenes real time, as oppose to pre-rendered. Meaning this game is real time, all the time.
-Battle retry option – If you happen to your *** handed to you during a battle, you will be given a restart option at the game over screen.
-Quick save anywhere – Yes, you can save anytime, even in battles. Meaning you can pick up and drop the game whenever, even those 10 minutes before you go to work.

Sega states that they’re trying to follow Capcom’s lead by making a successful new franchise that has worldwide appeal. We’ll see if their efforts pay off when EoE/RoF releases.

Also, for those interested in the game and have a Japanese PSN account you can try out the free demo.