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The Hurt Locker Blu-ray Review


One of the best films to come out of 2009, The Hurt Locker (2009) is now available to buy on Blu-ray, I gave it a spin to see how it played and what special features it contained. The story focuses on a 3 man IED (Improvised Explosive Device) disposal unit with a strong theme thanks to the opening quote from Chris Hedges: “The rush of battle is a potent and often lethal addiction, for war is a drug.”

The movie itself is fantastic, Kathryn Bigelow does an outstanding job directing and the main trio of young actors are peerless. You should be warned to not get comfortable when any big name actors show up. To think of this as an action film though would be a mistake, this is tense, gripping thriller and as you would expect for a film featuring bomb disposal there are plenty of scenes that leave you on a knife edge waiting their conclusion. The film has a perfect running time of 131mins and leaves you breathless without feeling tired where movies such as Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan have.

One of the standout reasons to get this film on Blu-Ray are the slow-motion shots, these capture off cuts from the battlefield that wouldn’t normally be seen such as the rust on a car being blown off from an explosion or a bullet casing hitting the ground. They add a real sense of depth to the film and in HD are simply breathtaking, making them perfect for showing off your new HD set or sound system.

The special features unfortunately are not in the same league as the big blockbuster releases with only a 12 minute making of documentary worth your viewing time. It would have been nice if a commentary was included or some more information about the IED disposal but unfortunately the extras are disappointing at best. Fortunately the menu is slick with a montage long slow motion zooms of static shots, think the SKY HD adverts.

There is no doubt the film worth the asking price alone but if you only purchase movies with a good amount of extras too then you will be disappointed. I would recommend renting and waiting for a re-issue in the future that hopefully features some more substantial extras.

Special Features: Behind the Scenes, Interviews with Cast and Crew, Photo Gallery, Backstage. All in SD.

* Review was paid for by reviewer who rented the full retail version.