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December 2009: PlayStation 3’s Best Month


It’s really no surprise, but it seems that December was the PlayStation 3’s best month since its launch. Worldwide, the PlayStation 3 sold 3.8 million during the month, of which, according to NPD (well, from 11/29 to 1/2), PS3 managed 50,000 units more than the 360 in the United States alone (at 1.36 million). It may not sound like much of a difference, but it’s very significant, considering the 360 has generated more sales of the console in the United States for months. According to VGChartz, PS3 had about 3.6 million sold worldwide, while the 360 only managed about 2.76 worldwide (so, in retrospect, worldwide, the PS3 almost outsold it’s real competition by a million units). This may very well be the turning point, a primer for 2010 if you will.

Also, according to, the PlayStation Network also saw it’s best month last December as well. Revenue increased on the PSN by 155% in North America, most sales going to the release of the PSOne Classic, Final Fantasy VIII, followed by the PSN exclusive PixelJunk Shooter. Software sales also increased year-over-year by 60%. Can’t wait to see Darrin’s sales analysis for a better picture :D. With the strong lineup of exclusives 2010 is promising, it’s starting to look like this year will be another big one for Sony’s flagship console.