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Why Do People Hate 3D?


Some gadgets are loved, many are ignored, but only a few manage to be truly hated and warrant a widespread emotional backlash.

First, it was blu-ray. Then, it was the PS3. Now, apparently, it is 3D. I have heard many completely valid reasons why people aren’t interested in 3D, but usually, if you don’t want a new gadget, you just ignore it and don’t think about it. You don’t get all worked up and angry about it.

For example, most people really don’t want an e-reader for a variety of reasons; but almost no one gets genuinely pissed off at the technology like I am seeing with 3D.

Personally, I like 3D. It hasn’t changed the world or anything, but particularly with nature documentaries or movies with elaborate scenery and costumes and cinematography, the 3D effect really adds to the visual immersion.

To me, 3D is like like HD or surround sound. No one *needs* this stuff to really enjoy a movie, but if you aren’t being grouchy and cranky about it, it really does make the movie experience nicer.

Also, interactive games seem like they will make better use of 3D than movies do, but I haven’t had a chance to try this yet.

But bottom line, why do people hate 3D as opposed to being indifferent or mildly pleased by it?