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Food for Thought - Gran Turismo 5 is Already Profitable


This could be an absolute first in history (minus other Gran Turismo’s) that a game has already made a profit before it even launches. Even with a $60 million dollar (so far) development cost of this game.

Most games could not recover from such a steep development cost no matter what, much less before it launches.

Its quite simple and interesting that a lot of us tend to overlook it…but the reason why is Gran Turismo Prologue. The partial game was a splice of Gran Turismo in the making, launching at $39.99 USD and selling over 3.5 million units gaining over $100 million dollars in revenue.

So Sony is looking at a starting profit before the game launches which is expected to be the PS3’s highest selling title to date.

So who here is planning on purchasing this game? I’m not a huge racing fan so I will probably pass, but I found it interesting that a game leaves the gate with profits in hand.