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Rockstar Asks PS3 Owners To Be Patient.


During a Q&A section on Rockstar’s website, gamers from a round up of social media sites raised the question if  PS3 owners will ever be treated to the same GTA4 DLC that’s been available only for the 360. Rockstar’s response to PS3 owners; ” Be patient”. 

In other words: “The exclusive contract we got with  Microsoft won’t end until 2012. You know, like the Mayan’s predicted.”  I no longer own GTA4 and have no interest in picking it up again just for this DLC if it ever were to become available for the PS3.

On the other hand Rockstar promises to be “very good” to PS3 owners regarding future releases this year. LA Noir is set for a big reveal next month, a new gameplay trailer for the western sandbox game Red Dead Redemption will be revealed soon and we still have the PS3 exclusive “Agent” coming from Rockstar sometime this year.

At this point how long are PS3 owners willing to wait for their  turn to play with GTA4’s DLC content and does it matter anymore?