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The Weekly Recap (January 17-23)

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Quite a bit this week (though, no major game announcements). First off, Trev wrote another review, this one for Assassin’s Creed II. Darrin has another pretty popular opinion piece as well (as always). here’s also been some rumors flying around, like GTA getting another possible episode (though, many feel the game isn’t popular enough to warrant one anymore). And the appearance of Cloud (of Final Fantasy fame) possibly making an appearance in a future game.

One piece of news that did surface, though, is that the PS3’s Motion Controller has been delayed until Fall, so it’s going to be out there around the same time Natal is supposedly going to be out as well (though, interestingly, Microsoft decided to drop the hardware processing within the camera to opt for a software solution, so it may not be as powerful as previously thought, considering it’s going to take up some of the processing power from the console now).

There’s also been some Gran Turismo stuff out there as well, including the game possibly already making a profit and some real versus in-game stuff (from both Trev and I).

Other than that, be sure to check out Eddie’s article on the brain and his article about the PS3 supposedly being hacked.

Also note, we’ve got quite a few more QuickNews articles in this week, so if you happen to miss those smaller news stories, be sure to check them out in the QuickNews tab. You can also comment on those stories as well (on the side bar, just click on the #).

Hopefully this coming week will prove to be a little more eventful, though, seeing as we’re constantly getting closer and closer to the big release window!

[tab:Community News]

Alrighty, this week in the community, I’m sure most of you have noticed that the Shoutbox (the Live Chat) has been updated. This was mainly in response to spam flooding the chat over the past few days (or, at least, I assume so). Beyond the look, it now also shows your Gravatars, notifies you when there’s a new response, and allows for the ability to private message other people.

I’ve also taken the liberty to update a few weekly articles with the Tab feature (well, a couple; the New Game Releases and the PlayStation Store Global Update), which allows for a cleaner look. I like it a LOT more than the “Read the Rest of this Story” link.

Anyway, not much else going on in the community. Just keep in mind we like the community to get involved, so please register and become an active member! We also appreciate it if you guys would sign up to submit news as well. Well, here are the recognitions this week (22 total)

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[tab:Gaming News]

MAG Beta 5.0 Statistics and Trophies Revealed
fleakitten – January 17th

Assassin’s Creed II Review
Trev – January 17th

GDC 2010 Coming Soon
Trev – January 18th

Why Do People Hate 3D?
Darrin – January 18th

New Gran Turismo 5 Video – Real vs In-Game
JimmyMagnum – January 18th

Cool PS3 Slim Mod
Tosh – January 19th

PS3 Motion Controller Called Arc?
Trev – January 19th

Food for Thought – Gran Turismo 5 is Already Profitable
Eddie – January 19th

FIFA 10 24 Hour World Record Attempt, London 27/01/2010
Trev – January 20th

PS3 Motion Controller Available Worldwide in Fall 2010
Tosh – January 20th

LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge
fleakitten – January 21st

Nathan Hale, Cole, Helghast and More Skins Arriving for Uncharted 2
fleakitten – January 21st

Rumor: New GTA or DLC leaked by voice actor?
Nico – January 21st

Gran Turismo Vs Reality (Top Gear)
Trev – January 21st

Crysis 2 on PS3 and set in New York
Trev – January 21st

God of War 3 : The Making of Kratos Combat
Tosh – January 21st

A Gamer’s Success Can be Predicted by Measuring Certain Parts of the Brain
Eddie – January 21st

Rockstar Asks PS3 Owners To Be Patient.
fleakitten – January 22nd

New Kevin Butler Ad for MAG
JimmyMagnum – January 22nd

PS3 Version of Just Cause 2 Includes Video Capture
JimmyMagnum – January 22nd

Nomura “No FFVII Remake Yet, Cloud Could Make Another Appearance”
Eddie – January 23rd

Geohot (Original Iphone Hacker) Claims to Have Hacked the PS3
Eddie – January 23rd

More hints that Starhawk is being developed
Tosh – January 17th

New God of War 3 Screens
JimmyMagnum – January 17th

Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima Voice Actor Has Died by Suspected Suicide
Eddie – January 20th

Slingbox coming to PS3
Tosh – January 21st

Pax East Will Sell Out This Year
Eddie – January 22nd

PS3 Passes 3 Million Units Sold in UK
JimmyMagnum – January 22nd

Still On The Fence About Getting Uncharted 2?
JimmyMagnum – January 22nd

First Video Game Night Club Opens in Australia
Eddie – January 23rd
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Well, this week, we still don’t have anything planned, but still, be sure to post in the Forums if you plan on organizing something!
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No poll results this week, but the current poll is still open, so be sure to take part in that if you hadn’t done so already!
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That’s it for this week, and thanks for reading!

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