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Super Street Fighter IV

SSFIV will be out April 30th worldwide but what can we expect in the update? Well apart from the new bonus rounds as shown at the start of this trailer there are also soime brand new modes with Team Battle allowing up to 8 players to scrap it out together online which can then be rewatched using the new Replay Channel. There is also an arcade style Endless Battle replicating that coin-op feel with winner stays on rules.


A host of new characters are also being added to SFIV which are: T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Juri, Adon, Cody and Guy. They’re all welcome additions for SF aficionados with classics like T. Hawk making a welcome return and brand new characters with their own unique move sets such as Juri, which should also help unveil the background story a little further too.

Whilst being too big for DLC Capcom have decided to make SSFIV a full game disc release but will not charge full price so SSFIV you can expect it to retail for around £29.99/$29.99 on April 30th.