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Canadian PSN Video Store This Year?

As a long-time Canadian (never anything else) and a long-time PS3 owner (since launch day), I’ve been waiting a long time for a decent online video rental service. Americans have a plethora of choices, most of which don’t work here. I can use iTunes, I guess, but I don’t want to watch movies on my Mac or hook up my Mac to my HDTV every time.

I want a nice, easy, simple to use solution. With lots of variety (unlike Rogers OnDemand) and decent prices (also unlike Rogers OnDemand). (Rogers is my cable company.)

Gosh, look, I have a PS3 sitting right there. It does online video rental! If you’re in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, or France (or others?). But not in Canada. Gaaaa!

Whenever a post is put up on the official PlayStation blog about video content, one of the first responses is always to ask about the video store coming to Canada.

Well Tosh put me in touch with someone at Sony Canada, so of course that’s the first thing I asked him. What did he say? His exact words? “Video store will come Canada this year.” Can I have a WOOT? I know that’s up to eleven months of waiting still ahead of me. But at least I know the progress bar has an end, unlike of one of those circular never-ending ones.