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FIFA World Cup 2010


FIFA World Cup 2010 has been announced much to everyone’s surprise, but surprisingly they added a new feature that seems to make it all worthwhile. Aside from the usual tweaks of graphics and game engine, is the ability to play the World Cup tournament online. Yep. The whole freaking tournament!

Basically it works exactly the same as playing the tournament offline except that your opponents are not CPU. Here’s how it works;

They are then matched up against players in the same round of the competition and progress as they would normally through the group stage and knockout rounds. Wherever possible, we adhere to the rules of the competition, so in the group stage you wouldn’t be matched up against players who have the same team as you, and in the knockout stages you wouldn’t meet any opponent from the group stage until the appropriate round. These are the rules of the real competition, and they have been factored into the mode. The only caveat to that is if the only other player available online has one of those teams. We are all avid online gamers, and the most frustrating thing about playing online can be waiting to find an opponent, so as a last resort you could get matched with the same team, but in reality this is very unlikely.

Simon Humber – EA Sports Line Producer

To be honest, it sounds incredible and is a real stand out feature that has made me sit up and take notice. As long as every game isn’t Brazil v Spain they could be onto a winner. Simon does say they have a points system rewarding players for using the lesser teams so hopefully it will keep things fresh cause if this works it could be a masterstroke.

It’s just a shame that it will be a full priced release, I’m hoping they do a Capcom with Super Street Fighter and release it at a lesser price but I’m doubtful. EA Sports have not announced a price or release date as of yet.

You can read a full interview over at Gamespot to check out what all the new features are at FIFA World Cup 2010 Q&A With Simon Humber