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New Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Trailer - Weapons and Death

Here’s the new gameplay trailer released last night (I’ve just uploaded it, so it’s still processing). It shows off the gunplay and the Euphoria-based physics for death. It’s got your standard Old West weaponry, from revolvers, to shotguns, to sniper rifles, buffalo rifles, and the gatling gun (plus throwing knives and dynamite, too).

The physics of the game are also noteworthy. Like most games nowadays, they have hit detection and the body physics respond to wherever they were hit, so a shot to the knee won’t kill someone, but it will injure them. From the looks of one of the scenes in the trailer, you also leave bullet wounds on the bodies as well.

Beyond the standard death animations, the explosions and fire effects are great, too. If you watch the dynamite bit in the trailer, you can see body fly up in the air through the smoke. It really adds to the game and seems to do an awesome job of immersing you into the game’s world.

Also showcased was the dead eye system, which has three levels, and is an improvement to the original. Level one simply slows down time to allow you to shoot someone much easier. Level two automatically paints a target as you pass the reticule over your target, and level three allows you to tag more than one enemy at a time.

The game is looking spectacular and I hope to see a demo before the game releases, even though it’s a sure bet the game will be killer!