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Ex Killzone Developer Working On Resistance 3?


‘Stalker Alert’ but OPM (Official Playstation Magazine) have tweeted that Aaron Butler of Guerilla Games has moved to an ‘Unannounced’ Insomniac project.

They go on to speculate that the title is Resistance 3 as Butler is in his own words;

I’m a experienced Senior Designer with five credited titles, the last being Killzone 2. My main qualifications are in the design of features, mechanics, and systems. I am also capable of designing missions and level layouts, as well as encounter dialog, battle chatter, and dabbling in narrative design. I relish the chance to try and push the boundaries of game development, attempting to innovate upon all areas of design.

Aaron Butler’s LinkedIn

It seems like a fair punt to predict he is working on Resistance 3 especially with the billboard spotted last year seemingly announcing the game’s existence and his experience in first person shooters.

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