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God of War 3 and 7 Eleven Goodies

I’m surprised no one has posted anything on this yet. Anyway, Sony seems to have quite a bit of marketing for God of War 3 through 7 Eleven of all places. Evan Brody, the Marketing Manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp, has announced some of their marketing plans via the Official Blog. First up, the new Slurpee campaign has a new flavor, called “Kratos Fury”, which is a “perfect blend of ferocious blackberries and frosty limes”, which will be available at 7 Eleven stores for the months of February and March.

To go along with the new flavor is God of War III-inspired cups to hold the Slurpee (4 in all, the above image just shows the back end of it at the end). You’ll also get Slurpee Nation rewards from each cup as well, which can be redeemed at, which will get you God of War and Slurpee-themed downloadable content.

The Official Blog has some shots of the exclusive content, including a theme, a skin for Kratos, virtual shirts for PlayStation Home and a downloadable clip (“Creating the Chimera” was pictured). 2 liter and 20oz bottles of Moutain Dew will also have vouchers for the PlayStation Home teeshirt or a Mountain Dew hoodie.

The news had been reported by 7 Eleven themselves, but Sony will supposedly have more details next week.

Looking through the comments from the source, there will be a static and a dynamic God of War 3 theme via the Slurpee Nation rewards.