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Aliens vs Predator: Q&A Video

The Alien Infestation mode sounds like great fun. Everyone starts out as a Marine and one is selected at random to be a alien host. After a while he turns into an Alien and then anyone killed by an Alien turns into one himself until there are no marines left.

I wonder how they will handle the Predators different vision modes. When I played AVP 2, I had the vision mode mapped to my mouse scroll button and that worked great for me.

I quickly settled down and learned some alien-specific moves that turned out to be incredibly devastating, including a lightning-fast lock-on “pounce” maneuver and a deadly stealth attack.

I like the idea of a deadly stealth attack. But a lock-on “pounce”, I hope that isn’t a 1 hit kill. In AVP 2, the pounce was never a lock on, but it was a one hit kill usually.

The demo will be out today as JimmyMagnum mentioned the other day. It’s a regular Deathmatch mode on the Refinery map. All species are selectable.

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