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The Weekly Recap (January 31st - February 6th)

[tab:This Week]
Kind of a slow week. We did get couple reviews in though; one for MAG and one for the Heroes skin pack for Uncharted 2. A lot of news revolved around Heavy Rain and AVP this week, with, most notably, Heavy Rain early demo access becoming available. I also wrote up an impressions post after I had tried the game out.

There were a few announcements in the gaming world as well. 6.5 million PS3s had been sold between October and December of 2009 alone, with Sony as a whole posting a $1.6 profit, with $0.88 going to shareholders. That’s quite a bit, and as fleakitten pointed out, “it’s only a matter of time before the PS3 overtakes the 360.”

Other than that, the newly announced Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has a lot of retro gamers excited, bringing the 2D Sonic we loved from the Genesis days. A formerly Wii-exclusive has also gone multiplatform as well, with the Grinder, which will be released Halloween of 2011. Besides that, there are a few trailers and Q&A videos, as well as a few random news.

[tab:Community News]

This week in the community, there is some awesome news for Community members. First off, we’re working on ways to use the points registered members have gained. We also have our first contest running (well, one that uses the points). So if you want to enter the contest, for a free copy of Heavy Rain, be sure to read the link on what you need to do to enter. HINT: Only registered members will be able to accumulate points.

And our friendly neighborhood point whore, oly1kenobi, is asking for 150 points for 5 people who want access to the God of War 3 demo (he’ll be having account information available in order to use it). :P. I’ll just wait myself haha. I believe currently, there are two spots left.

As for individual news, it’s good to see fleakitten being more active this week! We were the only two who submitted QuickNews as well. Also, since QuickNews is often overlooked, I’m considering adding them to the Contributor Count, but I’m not sure. Maybe a separate award? I’ll try that one first. Don’t know what the point value for that will be. Anyway, out of 21 regular articles and 7 QuickNews pieces, here’s the week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • Trev – 8 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • JimmyMagnum – 5 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

Aliens vs Predator Survivor Mode – 4 Player Co-op
Tosh – January 31st

FIFA 24 Hour World Record
Trev – February 1st

Uncharted 2’s Hero Skins Pack Review
fleakitten – February 1st

When MAG Gets A Bit Hectic…
Trev – February 1st

The Last Guardian Website Is Live
Trev – February 2nd

Dante’s Inferno Trailer Uncut
Trev – February 2nd

RPG Spotlight: White Knight Chronicles International Edition
fleakitten – February 2nd

Aliens vs Predator Multiplayer Demo Tomorrow
JimmyMagnum – February 3rd

Video Replays On PSP At Sports Events
Trev – February 3rd

BioShock 2: Q&A Part 1
Luke – February 4th

MAG Review
Trev – February 4th

Aliens vs Predator: Q&A Video
Tosh – February 4th

3D Dot Game Heroes – “Natural Sword Enhancement”
JimmyMagnum – February 4th

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Sega Gets it Right
JimmyMagnum – February 4th

6.5 million PS3s Sold in Q3 2009
fleakitten – February 4th

Former Wii-Exclusive ‘The Grinder’ Goes Multi-Platform
JimmyMagnum – February 4th

Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer
Trev – February 4th

God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition
Trev – February 5th

Snag the Heavy Rain Demo Early!
Tosh – February 5th

AvP: Tosh vs Sinlock
Sinlock – February 5th

Heavy Rain Demo Impressions
JimmyMagnum – February 6th

God of War III and NASCAR Collaboration
JimmyMagnum – January 31st

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo Tomorrow
JimmyMagnum – February 3rd

Bandai Namco Cutting 630 Jobs
fleakitten – February 3rd

Qore Subscribers to Get God of War III Demo
JimmyMagnum – February 4th

“Arc” Semi-Confirmed
JimmyMagnum – February 4th

SE: “FFVII Remake Too Hard To Translate on PS3″
fleakitten – February 5th

Heavy Rain Box Art Back Cover Revealed
JimmyMagnum – February 6th
[tab:Play With Us]

We’re currently in the process of getting folks together who are interested in playing a game of Aliens vs Predator. Having 8 people would be great, considering it takes about a day and a half to find a game (just kidding, but not entirely!). At east with 8 folks in a group, we have a better chance of starting a new game, faster. If you’re interested, let us know via the Community Forums or in the Live Chat.
[tab:Poll Results]

No results yet, but I imagine we will have a new poll by the end of this week!
[tab:Thank You]
Thanks again for taking your time and reading this, I greatly appreciate it! Let me know if the QuickNews recognition is a good idea. I don’t know, but it might inspire more people to use it, because right now, it’s really just me, Tosh and flea who use it more frequently. Can’t think of anything else to say except, if you haven’t tried the Heavy Rain demo yet, it will be on the PS Store this Thursday.

I will also consider adding a few sections to the PlayStation Store update as well, including comic store update and video store update, run it through a trial of sorts first and see what folks think. Again, thanks for reading!