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Little Big Planet DLC for this Week

LBP for PSP has two new packs being released in the PSN Store this Thursday, February 11.

First up is the Free Lurve Costume which contains a heart mask , a cloud gown, and some heart bling.
LBP Heart Costume

Second is a Lurve Theme Pack for $2.99, which contains 3 more costumes, and 12 stickers, including:Engagement ring costume: Engagement ring, engagement ring box, bouquet.

LBP Engagement Ring Costume

Aphrodite costume: Aphrodite hair, aphrodite dress, aphrodite skin, aphrodite eyes LBP Aphrodite Costume

Cupid costume: Cupid suit, cupid wings, cupid hair, cupid arrow.

LBP Cupid Costume

The 12 stickers: I love chocolates, heart balloon, I love LBP, dove, love letter, sweet heart, flamingo, heart doodles, rose, broken heart, pink flower, heart beat.

LBP Lurve Stickers

There are also two packs being released for the PS3.

Returning from last year is the Valentine’s Day Level Kit for $2.99 containing a Cupid outfit, with heart shaped glasses, and a rose between the teeth. There are also 10 stickers, 11 objects, and 5 materials.

LBP Cupid for PS3 LBP Valentine's Day Kit

Also, to Celebrate Chinese New Year, 2 free costumes are going to be available. One for your Sackboys, and one for your Sackgirls.

For your Sackgirls the costume will include: a Chinese New Year Girls Hair, a Chinese New Year Girl’s Dress, and a Chinese New Year Lamp – ‘Festival’ (not pictured?)
LBP Chinese New Years Girl
For your sackboys the costume will include: a Chinese New Year Boy’s Hat, a Chinese New Year Boy’s Jacket, and a Chinese New Year Lamp – ‘Spring’
LBP Chinese New Years Costume Boy

Some great looking costumes to help you spread the “Lurve” this Valentine’s Day! Although the PSP Cupid costume kinda disturbs me.. 😎 Enjoy.